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Removing Barriers: Education in Vermont


Persistence and Patience: The Story of Philanthropy in Education in Vermont

Since the 2014 elections became old news, there’s been no shortage of essays, blogs, speeches, and broad proclamations bemoaning the state of American education. “Teaching has been replaced by testing,” we are told. “Liberal Arts have been overshadowed by STEM.” “Workforce prep has replaced higher thought.” Students themselves are often lost sight of as powerful players proclaim what’s right and what’s wrong with education in this country. Luckily, here in Vermont, plenty of inclusive conversations and diligent hard work across multiple sectors in the last couple of years has moved education forward for students.

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Preparing students for Vermont's promising jobs

As a researcher in education and workforce development, as a school board member, and—most importantly—as the mother of two young adults, I wrestle with the issues of preparing young people for successful careers. How do we get students' attention? What are the promising careers and jobs in Vermont?

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Veterans’ Day 2014: Turning Impulse into Action

As Veterans’ Day approaches, let’s take a moment to celebrate the many ways that Vermont organizations honor and support the 50,000 veterans living in Vermont—and the ways that you can support their efforts, too.

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A Milestone Year

This year marked our first-ever competitive grant round. We're thrilled to share that the new process boosted the transparency of our grantmaking and allowed us to learn more about the bright spots in workforce development in Vermont. Foundation staff and board reviewed the foundation’s first-ever unsolicited grant proposals: 32 of them, in fact. We read them with an eye to collaborative potential and meaningful student outcomes. And this summer, nearly $340,000 in grants was awarded to organizations that lead pioneering work to help all Vermonters access career and college education.

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Innovation at the Intersections

On a windy day in January, legislators and education practitioners gathered at The University of Vermont’s Davis Center for a UVM/Legislative Summit on Education Policy. It was the first large-scale meeting of its kind and we at the McClure Foundation — a supporting organization within the Vermont Community Foundation — were pleased to be there because the focus of this gathering mirrored our foundation’s mission: building access to career and postsecondary education for Vermonters.

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